Info Key

Type: What kind of storyline is it? Ex. Canon compliant (could fit in as a behind-the-scenes, etc), Canon-divergent (canon, but only to a specific point), AU/Alternative Universe (entirely new setting)
Brief: Short summary or hook
Summary: Does what it says on the tin
Main pairs: Primary focus pairings. A lot of this content will be visible.
B-Side pairs: Pairings that exist and will likely receive some focus, but not often.
Background pairs: Pairings seen infrequently or less. May exist as a cameo, recurring gag, etc.

Romantic and/or sexual pairings are denoted with a / between the names.
Friendship-focused pairs are denoted with a & between the names.
There's no real reason for how the order the names in a pair. Top/bottom dichotomy is silly.


-or, Building a New Canon with Blackjack and Hookers
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Type: Canon-divergent
Brief: Alternate conclusion to Summit War/Marineford arc. Smoker rescues Ace.
Summary: Initially, the only things passed between Smoker and Ace were hurled barbs and traded blows. Somewhere in the middle, something changes, offering the officer a glimpse into the greyer areas that made up their world. When Ace is captured and sentenced to public execution, Smoker finds panic and suspicion swelling fast within him and immediately takes up the hunt to discover what the young man has done to deserve death. What he finds shakes his world further. When told to stand and fight against the waves of pirates bearing down upon Marineford, he struggles, falters, and eventually makes a decision to act. Branded a traitor and a deserter, with a bounty shackled to his name, Smoker loses his old life, but gains so much more.

Main pairs: Smoker/Ace, Drake/Law
B-Side pairs: Gin/Page, Zoro/Sanji, Smoker & Hina, Smoker & Tashigi, Zoro & Nami
Background pairs: Luffy/Zoro, Usopp/Reiju, Nami/Tashighi, Chopper/Bepo, Penguin/Shachi (+Lind), Koby/Helmeppo, Ichiji/Yamato, Niji/Ulti, Marco/Deuce, Marco/Izou, Shanks/crew

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Type: Canon-divergent
Brief: Alternate conclusion to Ace and Blackbeard's duel. Teech is killed and his crew disappear, leaving an injured Ace to be found by Smoker.
Summary: Law flees Minion Island and the chaos surrounding his exits allows a teenaged Drake to escape his father's pirate crew. Years later, Drake trains with Lind, learning the scope of their new Zoan abilities. Sabo and Ace forge bonds of brotherhood, brawling playfully as they save for the life they want to share at sea. Smoker reaches out and rekindles an interest nearly smothered...and Drake returns the affections. Sabo narrowly escapes an attempt made on his life and returns to Baltigo with a prisoner—a sniper named Lind in desperate need of a new lease on life. Lind in turn returns to Drake, offering a hand in trying times. Law resurfaces as a captain of his own vessel, tempting Drake in, led by his own piqued curiosity. And when Ace lays bleeding out on a beach, Smoker rescues him, only to find the circumstances of the young man's unseen battle seated at the crux of a deeply set conspiracy. Together, all six converge in the wake of Law's rise to power as a Warlord of the Sea—already lashed tightly together long before they realize the depths of their bonds.

Full Timeline

Main pairs: Drake/Law, Ace/Smoker, Lind/Sabo, then add them together and frappe that shit. Now add Koby and Page One.
B-Side pairs: Penguin/Shachi, Masked Deuce/Helmeppo
Background pairs: Drake/Rosinante

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Type: Canon-divergent
Brief: Alternate conclusion to the Minion Island incident. Instead of wandering off alone, Law is taken into Marine custody alongside Drake. At the same time, Garp takes a more direct approach in raising Ace and Luffy, and as a result, Sabo is never returned to his parents. Sora, struggling after the birth of her sons, flees the North Blue.
Summary: Tired of his insular life on a naval base, Law talks his way into serving on Drake's ship as the man's doctor. Once at sea, not all goes according to plans and when disaster strikes, Law winds up in Alabasta—injured, disoriented, and to his surprise—presumed dead by the world. In the kingdom of sand, he finds new allies, new mysteries, and when he eventually returns home, realizes it's become a place he can no longer remain.

Main pairs: Drake/Law
B-Side pairs: Crocodile/Rosinante, ASL/Smoker, Law & Robin
Background pairs: Sora/Zeff, Gin/Sanji

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Type: Canon-divergent
Brief: Alternate conclusion to the Minion Island incident. Law is found by Doflamingo and grows up in his custody.
Summary: At 22, now the third Corazon, Law is horrified by the prospect that his only purpose is to live and die for Doflamingo's whims. When finally allowed to travel abroad for business in the North Blue, Law slips his handler and flees. Meanwhile, Smoker is called in to help man a search for a mysterious missing person. When the two cross paths, plans change and instead of returning the young man to the waiting hands of the military, Smoker grabs him and runs.

Main pairs: Law/Smoker, Drake/Lind, Drake/Koby
B-Side pairs: Lind/Sanji, Drake/Page
Background pairs:

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Type: Alternate Universe (modern, supernatural elements based in part on World of Darkness books)
Brief: Hundreds of years of history converge in a city as the hunt intensifies for an unknown entity.
Summary: In the years following the death of Gol D Roger, strange occurances skyrocket in the city. A taskforce within a local police precinct struggles to track the rising threats.

Main pairs: Smoker/Ace/Sabo, Corazon/Drake (ancient)/Law (changeling), Drake (modern)/Lind/Law (fetch),
B-Side pairs: Greater Straw Hat Polycule (Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Gin, Law), Marco/Crocodile
Background pairs: Koby/Helmeppo, Roger/Rayleigh, Roger/Garp, Roger/Marco

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Type: Alternate Universe (quasi-historical, steampunk)
Brief: In a port city, a crew of young people cast their dreaming gazes skyward.
Summary: fuck if we know we're getting it together

Main pairs: Luffy/Zoro/Sanji, Smoker/Ace, Drake/Law
B-Side pairs:
Background pairs: