Full Timeline for The Devil's Polycule



The Minion Island incident occurs.
Rosinante survives and is put under house arrest until the details of the MII can become more clear (they do not). Because of the threat posed by Doflamingo, Rosi’s survival is made classified information.

Adopted by Sengoku, Drake (19) joins the marines.
Smoker (22) and Hina (20) enlist and all three meet.


Rosi (26) follows Drake (20) in his transfer to the East Blue for training, and the two live together in base housing.

Drake and Smoker (23) fail to launch.
Drake and Rosi sleep together


Sabo’s (10) ship is destroyed by a Celestial Dragon and he is saved by the revolutionary army.


Rosinante (28) accepts a clerical position in SWORD and transfers out of the East Blue to an unknown location.
Lind is scouted by SWORD.


Sabo (13) meets Koala (14).

Smoker (27) and Drake (24) begin a relationship, but often spend months apart due to differences in location via work.


After the death of the previous head, Rosinante (32) inherits the position of director of SWORD.


Sabo (16) meets Lind (28), who joins the revolutionary army and the two begin working together.


Law (21) meets Captain Diez (28) and is saved from death via poison thanks to his assistance.

Ace (17) strikes out and forms the Spade Pirates.

Sabo (17) jumps Lind (29) and the two form a mating bond.


Drake (29) is inducted into SWORD and “defects”.
Lind (30) joins Drake’s crew.
Law (22) begins his pirate career in earnest.

Drake sleeps with Law, accidentally triggering a mating bond.
The two pirate captains cross paths several times, culminating in the start of an alliance that benefits them both. Drake’s crew is provided with a high degree of medical care, while the Heart’s received foodstuffs, blood for the medical wing, and if needed, extra muscle.

Drake and Lind start a relationship.
The polycule begins.


Ace (19) joins the Whitebeard Pirates.

Under the weight of Law's near-fanatical devotion to Rosinante's mission to kill Doflamingo, aware the other is willing to die for the cause, Drake (30) can no longer keep the secret from Law (23) any further and reveals not only that is he still a marine, but that Rosinante (36) is still alive.
Rosi is contacted and Law is allowed to speak with him—a date and location is chosen for the two to meet in person.

Drake And Law enter the Grand Line.

Smoker (34) and Ace (20) meet in Alabasta, Ace trails Smoker in the aftermath, in search of information on Blackbeard. They sleep together, and Ace disappears after. Smoker, concerned, follows his trail.

On Banaro island, Ace kills Blackbeard, but is grievously injured. To save Ace’s life, Smoker burns Whitebeard’s mark from his back to obscure his identity and gets him the medical help he needs.

In the aftermath of the Banaro duel, Smoker discovers the plans for Ace’s execution at Marineford.

Ace, in a fit of self-loathing, refuses to leave the ship, even when prompted by Jinbei and Marco.
Hina discovers Smoker and Ace have a multi-faceted history.
Smoker dismisses Tashigi and implores she find a more suitable mentor.

Smoker reveals he burned Ace and the two have a blowout, wherein, Aces again disappears.
Smoker transfers to G-5. A few weeks later, a familiar looking young man named “Silver Chase” enlists.

The Supernovas storm the Sabaody Archipelago.

Rocky Port

Koby (17) meets Rosinante (38) and is invited to showcase his skills in an upcoming mission.
After the events, Koby is promoted to captain and formally inducted into SWORD

Law (25) is promoted to Shichibukai and the Drake pirates are officially listed as their underlings, as per Marine paperwork.

Dissidence Aboard the Hind

Smoker (35) is assigned as a liaison to the Drake pirates, while Ace (21), against orders, sneaks aboard with Smoker.
Smoker and Drake (32) have a terse time, but sensing something amiss with Smoker’s orders, act professionally toward one another while trying to discover why he was moved aboard the ship.

When displeasure begins to arise from the Drakes regarding Law's new position as Shichibukai, under concern that a potential dissident is contacting outside sources, Drake and Lind enact a communications blackout on the Hind, trying to flush out a mole.
With communications cut off without warning from Lind (33), Sabo (21) seeks out the Hind and hails it under the guise of a castaway.

Lind catches a crewman set up by the mole and during an interrogation, Drake eats a number of the man’s fingers.
Law is attacked by an unknown assailant and nearly killed.

Eventually, Sabo’s memories return.

Due to the blackout on the Hind, Rosinante sends Koby (17-18) to check on them.


Preparing to move forward with Law's amended plan, the team splinters.

Smoker and Ace return to G-5 with Koby to familiarize themselves with Vergo's current status.
Searching for Ace during his prolonged absence, Deuce and a number of Ace's old crew shows up looking for him on the G-5 base.

Drake and Law go ahead to Punk Hazard, separating upon landfall, where Drake scouts the surrounding territory as Law goes to meet with Caesar Clown.

Summoned by the Revolutionary Army, Sabo and Lind are forced to temporarily part ways with the polycule.

Punk Hazard