A naval sniper from the North Blue, currently serving in SWORD

Exists in: All continuities
Relevant in: Blue Skies, Devil's Polycule, White Wings

Age: 32 (pre-timeskip)/34 (post-timeskip)
Height: 7'2"/220cm
Occupation: SWORD assassin-turned-spy, accidental Revolutionary Army supporter, First Mate for the Drake Pirates

Abilities: Toro Tori no Mi, Model: Utahraptor, Observation Haki
Notable Physical Features: Pointed ear tips, scar over right eye

From the North Blue, the island Lind on lived as a child ended up one winter having a particular nasty famine. There is a reason he can't stand the smell of pork cooking nor will he eat it.

Lind is the youngest of three brothers and does not have a great relationship with either of his siblings. His father worked as a forester and game keeper for the nobles on the island they lived on, while his mother worked in the kitchens. His eldest brother would take over their father’s position, while Lind and his middle brother would go on to active military service.

He received the fruit from the military and they likely had no idea what it at the time of its consumption. He and Drake were paired in training due to their similar devil fruits and because Drake also accidentally swallowed a cadet during his first full transformation, making working with anyone smaller extremely difficult for safety reasons.

When originally inducted into SWORD, Lind served as an assassin and was forced to act solo for so long that it was damaging his and his zoan’s side mental health, as both are extremely social. When the director died, his replacement, aware of Lind's former friendship with Drake, asked Lind to serve under Drake's crew.

Lind shifts a lot between various traits of his raptor, human, and hybrid forms, and is very fluid in how he appears. Because he does have feathers, he unfortunately molts twice a year. Because no one likes seeing the raptor ear holes, he has to wear a snood (the tube-type intended for pets, not people) which also serves to keep him warm.

Lind is also incredibly doting on his lover/s. Because of the mix of his socialble personality, combined with the raptor’s own pack mentality, he likes to look after the others. He’s always bringing back interesting things he finds to whoever he considers his pack. (In Devil's Polycule, he finally managed to woo Smoker because he found a weird clay the man had been lusting over for ceramics.) He is very vocal and makes a lot of sounds associated with his zoan form, which ranges from the cough barks for warnings, to trills and clicks. The utahraptor is also a great mimic, so he can imitate voices and sounds.

Because of his raptor, he finds safety and ease in familiar scents. However (across multiple 'verses), this leads to a lengthy series of laundry thefts. If your dirty clothes are missing and you're important to Lind, it's very likely he's moved them into a hard-to-reach space where he's made himself a nest. Every 2-3 weeks, these nests have to be found and emptied to keep folks from having to go nude.

Devil's Polycule specific: Lind has signature call sounds for each of his lovers. Sabo’s, born of necessity in the field, is a nearly silent subsonic rumble. Drake’s is an imitation of the man's allosaur rumble. Law’s sounds are the barks and clicks of a leopard seal. Ace has a lot of loud quick clicks and trills. Smoker’s resembles Drake’s callsound, but is just a little higher in pitch. Koby’s are dolphin clicks. Page has a more breathy, crocodile-like hiss.

Third Corazon specific: Under the orders of the original director of SWORD, Lind was sent to investigate bandit activity in the North Blue a few years after the Minion Island incident, and to assassinate anyone he found. What he found was the son of Diez Barrels, working to rout out marine corruption from the shadows. Lind stopped answering calls shortly after and joined the man's efforts

White Wings specific: Overly-excited for their reunion on Zou, Lind got himself, Penguin, and Shachi all expelled from their sleeping accomodations for excessively loud activities.

Bonus Lore

A naval rifleman from the North Blue, currently serving in SWORD

Exists in: All continuities
Relevant in: Devil's Polycule



When Rear-Admiral Diez Drake accepted his position in SWORD, he was only able to convince his ship's navigator, cook, carpenter, three soldiers, and a young Seaman Recruit to follow him into the unknown. Lind joined the night of their staged defection. By the end of their second month, they'd gained a former drug runner—unshakable behind the wheel of a ship joined at Lind's behest, a butcher and marine sympathizer—called in to serve by the director, and a slew of extra bodies to round out the struggling skeleton crew.-

Exists in: All continuities
Relevant in: Devil's Polycule

Mayweather Blackpol

A former drugrunner acting as helmsman for the Drake Pirates

Occupation: Former drug runner, Drake Pirates helmsman



A young marine with little sailing experience doing his best

Age: 19/21
Height: 5'10"/178cm
Occupation: Drake Pirate



A boistrous gunner ready to light some fuses

Occupation: Former freelance pirate, cannon enthusiast, Drake Pirate gunner


SWORD operative from the North Blue and mother of Diez Drake

Exists in: All continuities
Relevant in: Third Corazon

Occupation: SWORD assassin


A hyena Mink serving as a doctor for the Revolutionary forces

Height: 8'3"/251cm
Occupation: Former slave, doctor

Abilities: Sulong form, booboo kissing

A family growing

Exists in: Devil's Polycule
Relevant in: Devil's Polycule

Round One

After the events of Punk Hazard, Law, who'd never given much thought to his future, realized that they not only had a solid chance at bringing down Doflamingo, but wanted to stay with these men for the rest of his life, AS WELL we being slammed with desire to hace children with the fools. Horrified, he told Smoker to get it off his chest, and for a span, the secret stayed hidden.

Eventually, as things went on, he brought up the topic as things began to calm down. Genuinely uncaring about whose bloodkin the then-hypothetical child was, he went as far to suiggest everyone toss in a sample to be mixed together, then that he "turkey baste" himself. Sabo, concerned about his own genetic history (inbreeding in nobility), Drake, fearful due to his own horrific history with his father, and Lind, generally unbothered overall—opted to pass. Ace became an unholy terror, vibrating in excitement over the prospect. Smoker was, ambivalent, but interested.

In the end, they drew straws. Ace cheated. Everyone knows, but no one ever confronted him on the matter until after Anne's birth. Noone cares.

Anne (she/her)
[Ace and Law]

Round Two

Drake caught baby fever after Anne was born and with the man finally over over the fearful hurdle of becoming his father, Smoker, now with a fire lit under his ass, challenged him to a no-powers, but otherwise no-holds-barred fistfight on the lawn for the "right" to pick first next. Law sat on the porch and laughed ("Yes! Fight for my love!") as everyone else just watched. Smoker won, Finch happened. Page's zoan, a female spinosaurus, did a fair amount of influencing his decision in pursuing parenthood. Ness was 500% conceived in the fucking woods, full dinosex style.

Drake bawled when Landon was born and it set everyone off. Between that and the relief that everything was okay with both Koby and child, Law, who'd acted as Koby's primary physician throughout the entire pregnancy, went into labor a week early. Unlike Finch who wasn't about to sit around an endure a bunch of adults caterwauling and came early, Ness was actually born on schedule later.

Landon (he/him)
[Drake and Koby]

Finch (they/them)
[Smoker and Law]

Ness (he/him)
[Drake and Page]

Round Three

Because of his own concerns regarding genetic health and his relationship with the Revolutionary Army—thus, being away from home for large spans, Sabo saw himself unfit as a potential parent. Even as children came into the polycule, he considered himself more of an uncle (though was corrected many times by a frustrated Law on the matter). Eventually, thanks to Law's medical research, he found out he had a clean bill of health and as the world settled back into a semblance of stability and peace, reconsidered his stance after Koby asked him if he'd like to finally try.

IDK WIP (he/him)
[Sabo and Koby]