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Behind the Scenes

Q. Y'all keep randomly capitalizing terms or dropping into alternative spellings, or alternative translations. What's up?
A. We have zero brain. Toucan doesn't use honorifics, JJ prefers them. Sometimes compromises don't work. Ignore it.

Q. Why does shit get so silly sometimes? It kills the mood.
A. Bro this is One Piece--the series that runs on Rule of FunnyTM. If we can't inject sillies, it ain't worth it. We use the tag "Canon-Typical looney tunes ass behaviors" for a reason. XD

Q. Who writes who?
A. Toucan does all the rough beta/SPAG checks. Most attribution is listed in author notes. In multiauthor pieces/RP logs, the divide generally goes as follows...


Q. Good god explain the Zoan pheremones/fuck fumes.
A. Each zoan is a little different, so the function can change from person to person.
Drake got stuck with a bull allosaurus, who (much to his horror) has a fixation on breeding within its immediate pack and whose phereomones can actually trigger ovulation in folks with uteri.
Lind's utahraptor is as social as he is, and its pheromones increase the production of bonding hormones like oxytocin.
Luffy's demiform Nika maintains an interest in drawing followers to its cause. Nika's work a lot like Lind's.

Sex isn't necessary for the release of the pheromones (Nika just gasses folks as it pleases), and is largely involuntary. For those receptive, it DOES create a bit of a feedback loop though. A party inhales/ingests it in some form (air particles, sweat, etc). If they are receptive (sexually, in the case of Drake) or sympathetic (in the case of Nika) to the zoan, they undergo chemical changes that release a 'response' scent that therein triggers more pheromone production.

Effects overall are largely benign, though can manifest in states that resemble drunkeness (inhibited decision-making, slurred words), though this fades anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours of entering the body. "Stale fumes" don't trigger responses.
Zoan pheromone sensitivities exist! because of their rapid healing, Sanji's brothers are almostly entirely immune to them. Meanwhile Gin and Koby have increased sensitivities to them, meaning one sniff and their dumb asses are down for the count. As a reindeer, Chopper would have been MORE sensitive to them, but after having eaten a Hito-Hito no Mi, it changed enough of his olfactory structures that it helps muffle the potency of anything he's inhaling.

Q. What's the Rachel that keeps getting mentioned?
A. It's the marine warship stolen by the Whitebeard pirates in their retreat from Marineford, rechristened under the new name as they work to disguise it. The name originally comes from the novel Moby Dick and is the vessel that rescues the only survivor of the whale's wrath.

Q. So who all survives here compared to canon?
A. Ace, Rosinante/Corazon, Izou, and temporarily, Whitebeard.

Q. Does Luffy know Ace is alive?
A. Not until Punk Hazard, but outside of that instance, Ace is unfortunately busy and can't butt in as much with his little bro's activities as he'd like to. After PH, it's back to the crew and trying to restrengthen and reconsolidate their ranks. The Whitebeards reenter the fold fully for the raid on Onigashima.

Q. So if Ace's fruit never made it to Dressrosa...what's going on there?
A. They got WB'S quake fruit for the tournament and Sabo got it. BB is *very* displeased.

Q. Post timeskip, what's up with the Second Division of the Whitebeards?
A. When Ace ascends to the position of captain, Gin fills his role as division commander, only instead of refilling to the full cap of a hundred, the second division becomes Ace's left hand and strike team. The other members consist of, in order of joining: Smoker, Yamato, Page & Ulti, and finally Sanji's brothers.

Q. What are all of Smoker's nicknames for everyone?

Q. What kind of kinks does everyone have?

Q. What are everyone's safewords?

Q. Wasn’t Aokiji an admiral during Ohara? That was over 20 years ago, so how is he a vice admiral during the pre-series pieces for DP?
A. Because Toucan fucked his fact-checking and it’s funnier this way. It’s a negligible slip at best.

Q. Wait, Drake and Law are brothers?
A. By law, yes. (harr harr) Like Rosinante before them, post Minion Island, the pair are adopted by Sengoku. Law accepts Rosinante as a stand-in guardian, but regards Drake as a roommate, and Sengoku as an unfortunate reality that he gives begrudging respect to at best. So technically, all THREE are brothers in a strictly legal sense.

Q. Isn't Doflamingoa a Warlord?
A. Because of his involvement in Minion Island and Law's induction into the Marines, no! Sengoku is doing his best to keep the feathered fucker out, but because of intel Doflamingo is holding over the head of the World Government, it's a struggle the Fleet Admiral is slowly losing.

nothing to see here yet, people. move along.

nothing to see here yet, people. move along.

nothing to see here yet, people. move along.