Q. Can we see some zoan anatomy?
A. I THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER ASK. Below are two variations on the same theme: Drake's hybrid zoan form, though in this case, showcased only from the waist-down. Both are NSFW for sexual organs. Phallus can retract and extend via muscle reflex, regardless of arousal. Like crocodilian phallus, is always of form to penetrate a partner (there is no "flaccid" state). However, the phallus and surrounding area do engorge slightly when aroused due to increased blood flow. When retracted while aroused, it gives him a bit of a tummy bulge look. He's not gassy. he's just horny. XD

First image: Fullbody reference, phallus "at rest". Pelvis, bottom right has the shaft breaching out through the slit. Pelvis, top right has the fully extended phallus.
Second image: All parts of image showcase a retracted phallus, but during an arousal state.

Training Accident
During Drake's first full transformation into his allosaurus form and pressed to join training with the other newly devil fruit-imbued cadets, when instinct overwhelms him, he swallows his training partner, only to vomit up the horrified man in a panic.


Q. Why does Ace call Smoker "taisa"?
A. (Toucan) His original rank in English is "captain". But that overlaps with "captain" (of a ship) awkwardly, especially when Ace holds Whitebeard in such brutally high regard. Didn't want to conflate the two any or have it get confusing who he was referring to.

A. (JJ) That’s the fancy reason. The short reason is I’ve mostly written Ace since we first RPed with One Piece characters and it’s been a tic of his when I write him. It’s affectionate disrespect in the same way Smoker will often refer to Ace as kid.

A. (Toucan) We were weebs then, we're weebs now. Alas. Mmm. I think there might be some old holdover from Fullmetal Alchemist in there too. I do love me some casual use of ranks as petnames.

Ace just…doesn’t do well with doors. He doesn’t knock. He doesn’t close them behind him. This extends to bathroom use.

Much to the horror of many of those around him, Ace swears by his use of 3-1 bath products.

Devil's Polycule

Q. Who the fuck is Silver Chase and why has no one on the G-5 base arrested Ace yet?
A. Not to be confused with Silvers Rayleigh, Silver Chase is an alias Ace uses when interacting with the Marines in any capacity, much to Smoker's horror. There's a mustache involved, large enough to make Roger proud. Ace has jumpscared himself with his own reflection more than once because of it. Also bear in mind, canonically, Ace infiltrated G-2 TWICE IN THE SAME DAY with some REALLY half-assed disguises and sat in on meetings with their higher-ups with no one the wiser. G-5 is full of windowlickers. Do the math.

That said, Vergo IS aware of Ace's presence on-base and initially lets it slide, in part because of the sheer audacity of chosing a marine base as a place to hide. The majority of his decision to keep quiet comes from his desire to keep higher-ups out of his hair as he does Doflamingo's dirty work.


Q. Why does Law call Drake "Diez"? He canonically uses his first name! Where did the "-ya" tic go?
A. (Toucan) Okay okay deep Toucan lore time. Had a gnarly speech impediment as a kid, had an AWFUL time pronouncing hard "R" sounds. Flash forward to me getting into OP, around the time Sabaody/Marineford was going on. Between the two of us, I wrote Law. We riff/LARP a lot. We've also slapped the headcanon on Law that he's got a vaguely hispanic accent. While massive improvements in that impediment have been made for me, "Drake" is never going to roll off my tongue. It changed to "Diez" for us in that time. It stuck and now remains no matter who is writing him. It's delivered in the same playful way Ace calls Smoker "taisa".

Continuing, the "-ya" tic is dropped because I generally lean further from honorific-usage and just replace it with general smug disrespect on Law's part.


Q. Hey self, can you leave some scar reference for yourself later?
A. Yes, me. Yes I can.

First image: White Wings. Includes canonical collarbone scar, impalement scar, and expansive arm/shoulder/back burn scarring
Second image: Includes canonical collarbone scar, skin graft donation sites, and Ace's hand brand

Q. What are Smoker's Stupid Human TricksTM?
A. Thanks to Hina's insistance, Smoker's learned a number of skills, though not all are especially useful. Those are, non-exhaustively, non-chronologically, as follows:

Sensitive Skin
Smoker has sensitive skin. He can take biting cold and blistering sun without issue, but the wrong fabric or soap can leave him with a rash for days. Because of this, all his bath products are specifically for, in his words, “sensitive bitch baby skin”, and fur trim of his coat extends all the way into the interior of the garment. He’ll wear a fully regulation uniform washed in military-issue detergents when he’s dead.

Smoker has a less-than-stellar relationship with his parents, and they'd frequently argue with him over his behavior and future. Smoker would not define his homelife as "abusive", but there's really only so many times a person can be insulted before the words finally leave a lasting mark. As a young man, he wound up bonding strongly with a little old bodega lady in Loguetown. When he would cut class, he’d often hole up in her back room and she’d happily lie to cover for him. His parents, thankfully unaware of this relationship, merely encouraged her to send him home if she saw him, which she never did.

Becoming a Marine
During the bedlam caused by Roger's execution, Smoker ran back to his gram's store for safety the moment he was able. Upon arrival, he found the front windows smashed and in a state of raw fury, fear left him and he immediately charged in to chase off the looters. This incident cemented in his mind the sheer necessity of weeding out all of piracy and eventually drove him to enlist.

Because of extended proximity to the bodega cats his gram looked after, Smoker's taken a shine to the creatures. Less intense than most dogs and prefers their company to any other animal. Had Smoker not chosen the Logia Moku-type as his fruit, he’d have chosen a Zoan Neko model as a surprise for her.

Logia Body
In the Marines, the first two weeks after eating the Moku Moku no Mi, Smoker struggled with maintaining his control in his incorporeal form. More than once, he phased straight out of his clothing. As told by Hina, “By the end of the year, everyone in our class had seen Smoker naked at least once.”

The Third Corazon

Q. What was Smoker being recertified for during the prologue?
A. Survival training! HA!


Zoro has a potato allergy. Sanji only finds out when Zoro requests a “spicy meal”, citing potatoes as a favored “kick”.