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Please note that any/all of the links to my content (on and off-site) can/do contain NSFW content. By clicking on them, you affirm that you are of legal age in your country of residence to view NSFW/18+ content.

One Piece fan site features info on the many WIP series co-authored between myself and DrJJFaustus. Website features fic, galleries, trivia/headcanons, chatroom and guestbook.

FFXIV site is dedicated to WoL, WoL adjacent, and ally characters of mine and my partner's. MASSIVE WIP. Very ugly, do not look.

Fallout 76 site is for stockpiling my in-game pics, all organized by character filter. Currently outdated.

Fan Site Updates

ooh new goodies

One Piece Updates

Updated 4/17/2024: Moved credit info to front page, updated character pages.
4/2/2024: FAQ updated with separated pages for canon characters and ocs, gallery updated
01/23/2024: OC page up and accessible via the Trivia page, lots of link fixes
01/16/2024: upgraded into iframes, refreshed series summaries, all galleries online and up to date
12/18/2023: i lived, bitch. all pages, live. chat functional. guestbook up. working on galleries next.

FFXIV Updates
Updates pending...

Fallout 76 Updates
Updates pending...


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